General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance


What is General Liability Insurance?


A General Liability policy provides the most basic and fundamental of business insurance coverage. Every business, in every industry, needs this policy. Here are some of the major benefits of our General Liability Insurance policy. Click below to request a no-cost professional review for your business.

Benefits of General Liability Insurance

  • Covers accidents or injuries to customers, vendors or other third parties that may occur in the normal operation of the business. Owners or employees of the business are typically excluded from this coverage (That's what Worker's Comp is for.)  
  • Typically covers physical or financial damage caused to a customer's location by the actions of you or your employees. For full coverage for customer property in your possession, ask us about Bailee's Coverage.
  • Covers accidents or injuries to customers, vendors or other third parties that are caused by the physical products or completed work done by the business AFTER the work has been completed.
  • Typically covers legal expenses for defending against accusations of wrongdoing or negligence, even if you and your employees did nothing wrong.

How To Get The Best Possible Price

 It REALLY helps to work with an Agent who has a personal relationship with the Underwriters who approve and set the price for your policy. All of the following factors can result in a better price for your insurance program:

  • Package Discounts
  • Clean Loss History
  • Providing Current Insurance Docs
  • Tenure of Company
  • Tenure of Management
  • Management's Industry Exp
  • Preventative Action Plans
  • Regular Maintenance Plans
  • Regular Safety Meetings