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This page will give you basic information about Mexico auto insurance and allow you to obtain a

quote, select the coverage that best suits your needs, pay for your policy, and print it from

your computer, all on-line, all in just minutes.

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Following is some important and helpful information about Mexico auto insurance:

• Why buy Mexican auto insurance?

• Does my U.S. auto insurance cover me in Mexico? GET QUOTE & BUY NOW

• About Mexico auto insurance

• How much time should my Mexico policy be for?

• What information do I need to buy my policy on-line?

• How does this work? (to buy a policy on-line)

• Customer service


If you have an accident in Mexico and cannot prove the ability to pay the damage on

the spot, by Mexican law, the driver goes to jail and the vehicle is impounded. It is a

long and costly process to free the driver from jail and liberate the vehicle.


NO – for Third Party Liability, certainly not under Mexican law. Mexican law requires

insurance in Mexico be provided by an insurance company that has been authorized by

Mexico’s National Insurance and Bonding Commission to conduct business in Mexico.

No U.S. company has been so authorized.

MAYBE - for other coverage, but it is tricky. Some U.S. policies clearly do not

provide any coverage in Mexico. Some U.S. policies contain a rider that extends

coverage to Mexico under certain conditions. Those conditions will vary from one

U.S. insurer to another. The policy may require that you at least have a Mexico policy

covering you for Third Party Liability before their policy will pay for a loss in Mexico.

Some U.S. policies limit coverage to an accident that occurs within 25 or 50 miles of the

border. And by the way, Rocky Point/Puerto Peñasco is over 50 miles from the border.

PLAY IT SAFE: Comply with Mexican laws . . . buy Mexican insurance.


Mexican auto policies are similar to U.S. auto insurance but are definitely not as broad

in scope as U.S. policies. We provide coverage several packages:

Basic package (Included in every policy)

Third Party Liability, pays for damage to property of or injury to other people when you are at

fault in an accident. Medical Payments, pays medical bills for people in your vehicle who are

injured in an accident involving your vehicle

Legal Assistance and Bail Bond, pays for legal help you may require as a result of an accident

involving your vehicle

Travel Assistance, pays for some roadside and other services you may require during your


Physical Damage (Optional)

Collision, pays for damage to your vehicle in an accident, and specified “acts of God” causes of


Total Theft, pays in the event your vehicle is stolen and not recovered

MexVisit (Optional upgrade)

Pays for emergency medical assistance ranging from help to locate a physician to emergency

air evacuation back to the U.S., and also includes roadside assistance such as: flat tire, out of

gas, keys locked in your vehicle, or a dead battery. For the small additional cost, MexVisit is

one of the best insurance deals going.

Premium Upgrades (Optional)

This package upgrades the Basic and Physical Damage coverages described above and

includes higher limits of Third Party Liability, higher limits for Medical Payments, pays a much

higher labor rate for if you have your vehicle repaired in the U.S., reduces Physical Damage

deductibles to a fixed amount of $500 for Collision and $1,000 for Theft, includes coverage for

Partial Theft and Vandalism, and provides additional coverage if the other party is at-fault in an

accident and does not have liability insurance.

On the Quote Results scree, these upgrade packages are identified as the “Extended” the policy




You can buy a policy from one day to one year in duration.

If you go to Mexico frequently or are in Mexico 30 days or more per year, it’s usually more

economical to buy an annual policy instead of several short term policies. Our automated

system calculates the most economical quote, so if you requested a quote for a specific number

of days but are only shown quote results for a six month or annual policy it is because a six

month policy is more economical than a policy for the number of days you requested.

If there is a chance you may stay in Mexico a day or two longer, it is cheaper and safer to just

buy an additional day or two to start with. The consequence of being without insurance just

isn’t worth it.


Besides your name, address, phone number, and email address, it will help to have ready the

auto insurance I.D. card issued by your U.S. auto insurance company. This card includes the

company name, policy number, and effective date of your U.S. insurance, and it also includes

the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your vehicle.

You will also need your Driver’s License number, the license plate number of your vehicle, and

a valid credit or debit card.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? (to buy a policy on-line)

It’s easy.

You enter basic information about your trip to Mexico: Dates you will be in Mexico, about your

vehicle (year, make, model, value), and the coverage you need. You will get quotes from

several Mexican insurance companies, all on one Quote Results screen.

You chose the company and policy you want to buy and click on “Buy Now”

Complete additional information about you (name, address, driver’s license number, etc.),

about your vehicle (VIN, license plate number), about your U.S. insurance policy (company

name, policy number, expiration date), and a credit or debit card.

Your computer screen will display a link to print your policy off your computer via Adobe

Acrobat Reader. The entire transaction only takes a few minutes.

The documents will include a Confirmation of the Purchase, the Declaration Page or “face

sheet” of the policy in English and in Spanish, and instructions “What to do in case of an


That’s it!

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