Texas Surety Bond Insurance

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A surety bond is issued to individuals in order to obtain a clear auto title that is issued by the department of motor vehicles. Texas Department of Transportation requires vehicle owners to post a surety bond if they do not have sufficient proof of vehicle ownership. In Texas they are also sometimes referred to as a title bond.

When you own your vehicle, and you are looking to obtain the title, but there are challenges in the way, a surety bond can help assist you with this. There are three parties involved in the bond that can help you to obtain the title to your vehicle, even if the finance company closes down after you pay off your vehicle.

Quick Facts about Surety Bond Insurance in Texas

  • If you are unable to locate your original title to your vehicle, a surety bond can help replace it with a new title.
  • A surety bond can also help if you need to register a vehicle that was purchased without the proper documents.

The three parties involved in a Texas Automotive Title Bond are:

  • The Obligee: The person or business that receives the obligation or payment.
  • The Principal: The person or business responsible for the obligation or payment.
  • The Surety: The insuring party which guarantees to the obligee that the principal can complete the task being insured.

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